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Orange County Fights for J.T. Daniels, A Promising Quarterback

J.T. Daniels has captured the eyes of every high school administration of the Orange County for the position of quarterback for two consecutive years. The coach of Daniels, Bruce Rollinson, would love to boast his quarterback by showing the interviewers what his made of and what his capable of.

Bruce Rollinson has been the coach at Mater Dei for 28 years and he had never seen someone as dedicated to be a quarterback as Daniels. During their meeting, Daniels would always bring a notebook and a pen to write down the techniques and strategies that the team has come up during practice and during the game. And his locker is packed with six big notebooks full of those kinds of notes.

The 16-year-old, six foot one, 210-pound quarterback (QB) once told his coach that the football game makes his heart race. He said he loves what kind of strategies the game can offer and enthusiastically wants to offer his ideas to the game.The leadership that it offers and the members that makes up the team, all of it. He also said that he is not after personal attainments, he just wanted to enjoy and love the game as much as he can.

Daniels’ has had a total of 100 touchdowns and 7,891 yards for two seasons, beating of the already amazing career marks of known quarterbacks like Sam Darnold, Leinart, Barkley, Mark Sanchez, Carson Palmer, Steve Beuerlein and other stars.

With all the achievements that he has, and college is fast approaching, he said in an interview that he wanted to make his time by playing as much as he can before high school ended. College teams are already eyeing him to make him a part of their team but said that he would not be committing to any of the prospect recruiters. He believes that if he knows five things that he wants in college, it will become easier as he continues.

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