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NBC’s Friday Night Lights Continues its Search for the Next Football Star

The NBC’s Friday Night Lights has been featuring high school football for five straight seasons to discover and learn the lives of these athletes as they evolve and be a part of the College Football teams in the future. What is more surprising and exciting is that Peter Berg, FNL’s director and executive producer is launching another series called QB1: Beyond the Lights.

The series will star three of the most popular football players in senior high, Tate Martell of Ohio State, Jake Fromm of Georgia and Tayvon Bowers in Wake Forest. It will show the lives of the three rising stars, what they do at home and in school in Las Vegas, residential Georgia and Central Pennsylvania.

The series will have 10 episodes, 30 minutes per episode and is released in groups of three starting February 15, 2017. It will be available for live streaming for Verizon’s go90 on the App Store or Google Play.

Richardson even commented that the lives of these kinds of ordinary people will surprise you in ways you can never fathom. The lives they live, the path that they will take, the decisions they will make and makes you wonder how can make this far by just watching them on television. It will also show how will they be able to win a competition just like garnering the national title in three consecutive rows of Martell’s team or how will Bowers move on with life after the death of his father.

The series is also a challenge itself as it centers, without script, the lives of these athletes in a high school setting. The coaches of these teams are not the usual coaches that you see on movies, they train their team hard and create rules that are also hard. That is the thing for this kind of series, it will show you the reality of the lives of these students.

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