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New Alabama Coach to Improve Team’s Offense

The Alabama team is betting their pockets to hire a new coach, Brian Daboll, as their offensive coordinator to tie up with their upcoming game. Brian Daboll, most people’s fantasy football pick as one of the best offensive coaches in the game, is to replace Alabama’s previous coach Steve Sarkisian who left the team for Atlanta Falcons’ new offensive coordinator in succession for Lane Kiffin at the end of last period.

It is said that Daboll is an exceptional coach with records that can match almost all coaches for the past and present winning teams. He had coached Patriots 11 times and was one of the staff of Bill Belichick’s franchise’s five Super Bowl wins. All in all, he is present 17 times in NFL seasons. When Tide coach Nick Saban in leading the Spartans, Daboll was a graduate assistant between 1998 and 1999 at Michigan State. There were also Patriots fans who viewed Daboll as the new successor to Josh McDaniels, the offensive coordinator to New England.

Alabama had gained four national times under Saban’s term. Even the Tide can do it without so much effort. And while they are at it, Kiffin had also done a great job for three years in keeping up the integrity of the rising second year quarterback Jalen Hurts. Other than that, coaches like Jim McElwaincontinued the job for four years, two years for Doug Nussmeier, and one year for both Major Applewhite and Sarkisian.

In order to defeat the star of Atlanta Falcons’ quarterback, Daboll has to change his tactics in this games and would probably be a great change for him as well as for the Tide. It is because Jalen Hurts has a different game strategy than Tom Brady. And what is more challenging, the New England teams of Bellichick is now known to easily adapt wittingly and aggressively against their opponents during the game.

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