Best College Football Jobs for Students

Not all of us are born with the throwing ability of Will Grier or the running speed of Kendall Sheffield. However, there is always a way to be involved in the game, one just needs to think outside of the box a little to find their spot. Let’s have a look at the possible jobs for students who love college football and want to be involved week in and week out.

Marketing Manager

In today’s football age, this role is almost like being part of the team itself. From the SEO link building to photos in the sheds after the game, it’s an all-access pass to the team. Specialist SEO media managers will use link building tools to gain traffic to the team’s website, follow this link to find out more. Traffic to the website is important for promoting the team’s merchandise and ticket sales in upcoming games. Furthermore, keeping followers on social media happy and up to date with the team is critical for having a commit college football team fan base.

Clean Up Team

This is the chance to get the hands dirty, just like the players. This role involves coming into the sheds after the games and tiding up all the mess. It is very similar to that of a job cleaning up a movie cinema, except the audience is 100 times larger. It’s not the prettiest role and definitely requires some grunt work every week, but you will be close to the team throughout the entire season.

Specialized Trainer

This role is a little harder to acquire as it will involve knowing a certain skill set in which you will be training. Fitness and strength are often the easiest entries in this area. Students could use their studies in these areas to practice training techniques with the players. Giving the players additional strength and fitness can be of great benefit to them in future games. This could also lead to much recognition of the training efforts and potential roles with NFL clubs in the future.

Subjects Tutor

This role could allow you to know the players personally as many college football players struggle to balance the workload with their sports life. Needing extra help to pass an exam or a paper could mean a world of difference to many of the players in the team. This could also mean you can specialize your knowledge in the particular subjects the players need help to improve upon.

Team Mascot

This is for those students who possess some of the athleticism to play college football but didn’t make the team. Being the mascot can be one of the most rewarding roles of the season. You not only rule the chants of the crowd, but you get front row seats to every game.


Like finding the inside scoop on the latest team movements, injuries, and lineups? This is the job for you. Many try each year to be the college football team reporter, but only one normally succeeds in landing the job. However, it’s not all about spending time with the team. There will be many nights in front of the screen punching up stories for the next day’s newsletter.

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