Rose Bowl Stadium Upgrades Tender Becoming Competitive

The long-awaited upgrades to the Rose Bowl stadium will soon be underway as the tender process is drawing to a close. This is a competitive tender with a handful of construction firms vying for the role. The stadium will undergo seating improvements as well as long await improvements to food and beverage services.

The construction will involve construction firms specializing in wood and metal work. In particular, the tender process will focus on firms with access to quality construction equipment.  Insider sources are saying that, while we wait for the tender to complete, internal maintenance crews at Rose Bowl have just acquired the best budget bandsaw on the market to tackle some of the smaller construction issues. The bandsaw will help with constructing the framework for the food and beverage stands on the east side of the stadium. The mobility and power of a bandsaw is just what is needed to try and fill the gaps in construction while the tender process is being finalized.

Rose Bowl History

With a capacity of well over 100,000, this stadium is one of the largest in the US and the world. Located in the heart of Pasadena, California, it has been around for over 90 years. The continuous upgrades and improvements done to the stadium have kept it as a premium attraction for events all year round. It has hosted all types of sporting events including, but not limited to, the FIFA World Cup (men’s and women’s, including the final itself), Olympic events as well as some of the largest football games in US history.

There have been some large renovations throughout the stadium’s history. Dating back to the early sixties when the press box saw a large overhaul bringing in an elevator and two rows for the press. It then saw its next upgrade for the Summer Olympics in the mid-eighties. Then only a few years back, costing nearly $170 million, the press box was upgraded again.

Help From “The Brick Campaign”

To fund some of the major upgrades to the stadium, managers started what was known as The Brick Campaign. This program was designed to cover the costs of renovations and equipment just like the recent purchase of the bandsaw. The campaign involved placing bricks that were donated by the public in an arrangement outside of one of the entrances to the stadium. This campaign also helped with the purchase of the 30×77 foot large screen display at the stadium. One of the truly amazing stadium screens.

Next Steps In the Process

As the tender process draws to a conclusion, construction firms will aim to show off their best plans at the most competitive prices. The goal of Rose Bowl stadium is to be able to cater their food and beverages to more customers throughout the events held at the stadium. In turn, this will lead to more revenue for the stadium and a chance for even more improvements in the future. The yearly Rose Bowl college football game is watched by fans across the US and the world. It shows off the latest technology and comfort during entertainment that the stadium can offer.

The tender process closes at the end of this month. Good luck to those who are in the running and we hope to see great improvements to the stadium in years to come.

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