Cam Newton, Carolina

Cam Newton and His Matching 3D-Printed Hand

The advancement of 3D printing has made a huge impact in the world of sports.  It is an incredible solution to many of the problems of traditional manufacturing processes, including the fabrication of prosthetics. Other than being able to produce complex designs, 3D printing also produces less waste.  This is especially the case with best 3d printers under 1000. The technology has improved the lives of many people and that includes athletes as well.

Cam Newton is a hero known to many people in the Carolinas and even in the whole country. You will often see children who seek Newton’s attention in the hopes of getting limited items, may it be a signed football, helmet, or even a jersey. Though there were many children who clamor for his attention, there was one kid who did not want to get anything. Instead of receiving something from the athlete, Cam Haight wanted to give something to his namesake, Cam Newton.

The five-year-old Haight was at the Panther’s training camp one Saturday. With a gift in his hand, the child was excited to give it to his hero. Haight had Amniotic Band Syndrome which caused limb deformities. The deformities were caused by the entrapment of the fetus’ limbs in the amniotic bands in the uterus. In order to help other children with the same syndrome, Sarah, Haight’s mother launched a non-profit organization called Different Heroes.

To help raise awareness on the syndrome, the Haights thought of a plan. They had a 3D-printed hand made for Cam Newton. Then, Sarah turned to social media to post the daily journey of her son. She also posted a request for Cam to meet her son Cam.  The prosthetic hand was gratefully received by Cam Newton himself.

In the NFL or National Football League, the awareness for ABS or Amniotic Band Syndrome has increased tremendously, given that two rookie players are playing professionally with the same condition. One of the most famous players with the same syndrome is Shaquem Griffin of the Seattle Hawks. His left hand was amputated when he was four years old because his fingers did not fully develop due to the syndrome.  Despite his condition, Griffin is one of the best players in college football. He has played for the UCF Golden Knights and has also won the National Championship in 2017 and became the best AAC Defensive Player of the year before that.

Another player living and playing with the same condition is Troy Fumagalli. His left index was amputated a few days after his birth. Even with just nine fingers, Troy Fumagalli is one of the best football players out there. He has become the All-American tight end at the University of Wisconsin, and he has also earned the Big Ten Tight End of the Year. Plus, Fumagalli was also the Cotton Bowl MVP with honors. Both Fumagalli and Griffin were drafted in the fifth round of 2018’s draft. Each of them is now playing professionally.

Both of the athletes has raised the awareness of ABS or Amniotic Band Syndrome greatly. They also proved that the condition does not stop you from reaching your dreams. Now, Cam Newton is not only making Cam Haight feel special but also other people who live with the condition as well.

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