Events College Football Fans Should Attend

College Football game is one of the most anticipated events in school. Aside from the game, football fans also look forward to attending other college football events, not just to see football players in person but to meet other people who share the same passion. It can also be an avenue to have fun and socialize. It is an occasion to show off your favorite team’s merchandise like custom hoodies Toronto, visors, caps, and other items. It is also a fun and exciting way to acknowledge your favorite football team. Here are some football events you should not miss.

Tailgate Parties

Tailgate parties are usually held on parking lots. Cars are parked and each owner brings food and booze. Tailgate parties can last an entire day, so make sure to bring enough food and drinks for everyone to enjoy. This party usually happens before the game. This can be a chance to meet family members of the students who came all together to support their team.

Fundraising Events

Football is not just about winning or getting drunk and loud at parties. One of the most meaningful events every football fan should attend is a fundraising activity. Fans should also support and encourage fundraising activities. This event is very helpful to the chosen charitable institution. Fans get to enjoy while helping others. Some fundraising activities like a marathon, book swap, movie night, or pool parties are proven to help raise funds for a cause.

Fan Festival

Fans are very important since they are the reason why the game exists. They support their favorite team in every way they can and that is why fan fests are events organized and dedicated to fans.  This is another party that offers a great opportunity to get together and have fun. These parties feature live bands, food, drinking alcoholic beverages, and other activities that will entertain fans.


Fans should definitely not miss the main event – game day. The day every fan is waiting for. This is the reason why all other events are organized. It is the day family and friends sit down together to support their team.  When parents and the students are gathered together, to support their team, they demonstrate a strong bond that shows a concrete example of camaraderie. They also help in boosting the confidence of the team members by cheering for their favorite team.

Victory parties

Victory is what everyone expects after the game. This party happens after the game to celebrate success. The party is attended mostly by students to celebrate.   Aside from the food and drinks, this is usually the time to thank each member of the team for their contribution. This is also a time dedicated to reflecting on what could be done better in order to improve team performance.

Win or lose, it is always important to put in our hearts and minds the true essence of sports, and that is self- discipline. As a fan, we would always desire our favorite team to win, but that is not always the case. In winning we gain victory and in losing we still gain something because we learn from it.

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