Getting Started with a Sports Team Website on WordPress

Sports isn’t just about getting the gold or scoring a winning goal—it’s all about passion. The sports world itself is chock-full of passionate athletes, passionate coaches, and most of all, passionate fans! There are a million ways out there to show love to your favorite teams: from purchasing their merchandise to cheering for them personally during games. Creating a dedicated sports team website is one of them.

Thinking of starting up a site to show your undying support? No worries, rookie. You can have a peek at this website to know how WordPress can help you to get one up and running. Here’s a quick recap of the full process:

Sign Up with a Web Hosting Service Provider

Having a web hosting service is essential in running all websites on the internet. “What is a web hosting service?” you might ask. Putting it in simple terms, a web hosting service is the one responsible for posting web pages or websites on the internet, storing them in servers so that people all over the world can access your site anytime they wish.

Without it, people can’t find your site regardless of the amount of effort you put into it because it is not uploaded into the internet. For starters, it’s best to choose a web hosting service with enough storage capacity to do video streaming since clips of the team’s games would make for great content on the site. Fortunately, most web hosting service providers have WordPress compatibility as one of their features, so making your website will be a real piece of cake.

Establish Your Site’s Identity

Next is to leave an impression on people’s minds by setting your site apart from other sports team’s sites. Start off by registering a domain name that is both memorable and representative of the team’s image. A domain name is a unique name assigned to your site that visitors will type out on their search bars to direct them into your team’s site.

This often goes by the format that everyone is familiar with. Once you have already settled your domain name, choose a sports-oriented WordPress theme to give your visitors a general idea of your site’s content. Willing to take it a notch higher? Have a special logo made for your team that people will instantly recognize.

Add Functionality with Site Widgets

Site widgets are addons that you can add to your site to add certain features and functions necessary for your visitors to navigate through your site. WordPress has a lot of widgets available that are geared specifically for sports-oriented sites such as SportsPress that allows you to efficiently keep track of your team’s stats, upcoming games, and other important matters.

Spark Interest by Putting Up Relevant Content

So far, you now have a web hosting service provider, a domain name that allows visitors to access your site, an attractive logo, a theme that sets you apart from other sports-related sites, and cool widgets to improve your viewers’ site experience. But wait a minute, the whole place is empty! Don’t fret because adding content is probably the most fun part of running a site. Below are a few suggestions:

  • History – talk about how everything began, the team’s past struggles and achievements, and how they got to where they are now.
  • Profiles and stats – let everyone get to know each member and the role they play in every game. Add a few interesting facts such as each member’s hobbies, favorite food, and other trivia so that fans can connect to them better.
  • Competition schedules – round up all your fellows so they can provide massive support to your team by informing them of upcoming games. Who knows? Their cheers might give them the much-needed performance boost.
  • Photos and videos of games – give everyone a piece of the action by uploading snapshots and clips of what the team has been up to recently.

A friendly tip would be to update the site with new relevant content as regularly as possible to maintain your audience. Also, make sure to double check your sources to refrain from posting wrong information as it can damage your credibility and drive people away from your site.

Establishing a website for a sports team takes time, consistency, and dedication. Just like any sport, skills can only be honed through time and practice, but with technology, creating your own site from scratch is now made more manageable. What are you waiting for? Create a site for your favorite sports team with WordPress now!

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