Pickleball Game

How to Improve Your Pickleball Game

Pickleball is the fastest growing sports in the United States. According to history, this sport was invented in 1965 in Bainbridge Island by three dads who thought of creating a game for the whole family after seeing their kids’ boredom with their usual summer activities. They originally used Pickleball Paddles to create the game.
Pickleball’s name has two theories. First, it was said that the wife of Joel Pritchard, one of the inventors of the game, called it pickleball because it reminded her of the pickle boat where the oarsmen were picked from other boats’ leftover.
Second, according to the other inventor, Barney McCallum, it was officially named after the Pritchards’

Darts Considered a Real Sport

Are Darts Considered a Real Sport?

Many have tried playing darts, but have these people even thought about it as a sport? If you’re one of the many who tried this game, have you wondered too if this is considered to be a sport? Darts, for many years, has been a topic of debate among fans, sports people, and the media. They always argue about best dart brands and darts being a sport or not.
Both sides of the coin have a point in defending their proclamations. However, there is more evidence leaning on darts not being a sport, and here’s why:
Dart Players and Their Physique
This is not to discriminate and criticize, but dart players can be anyone. So, this means that any type of physique is accepted here. After all, dart